The Cisco Catalyst 3650 switches are a cutting edge convergence product of Cisco’s advanced switching technologies, which makes for high performance converged devices for consolidating LAN and WAN networks on a single platform. The Catalyst 3650 switching line offers up to 40 gigabits of network bandwidth per unit, with the option of adding additional stackable units for up to 160 gigabits of Ethernet throughput. This gives you an excellent amount of routing flexibility and makes the Cisco Catalyst 3650 a prime choice for companies seeking to simplify their Ethernet infrastructure. With the ability to easily and rapidly deploy a large number of devices, the Catalyst 3650 allows for flexible routing that allows you to easily change the route of your Ethernet packets while minimizing downtime, and with less interference from other network nodes. You may find more details about this atWS-C3650-48FS-S Catalyst 3650 48 Gigabit POE+ ports Switch

With the Cisco Catalyst 3650 you will have an easy to use interface and web portal to manage your networks. The interface is clean, simple, easy to navigate, and can support various features such as VLANs, load balancing, routing, VLAN tagging, security, and auto configure. One of the most impressive features of this product is its auto-configuration feature which allows you to quickly and easily configure all your devices without having to install any special software or drivers. The Auto Config feature also allows you to easily add and remove routing tables, which allows for easy port mapping.

The Cisco Catalysts is easy to install as well as to troubleshoot, and with a few easy steps you can quickly discover the status of your equipment. The interface has multiple graphical images to provide you with an overall view of your device, and the configuration wizards walk you through the steps required to quickly configure your Cisco Catalyst 3650. The Cisco Catalyst 3650 has a number of different models and configurations available in the market, each offering a different level of performance, as well as various features and price ranges. With the wide range of models you will find a suitable model for your business.

The Cisco Catalysts offers several routing options for your Ethernet network, and there is a specific routing table used for each device. With this type of routing, the router will map the Ethernet packets in a way that is compatible with your network and provides you with a secure and reliable connection. You can map out the route of packets to any destination on the network and make sure that they are received by the appropriate destination on time. This feature is beneficial for businesses whose Ethernet is not available at a fixed time of day, or who do not have a dedicated staff to manage the routing of Ethernet packets to different sites.

The other routing option available with Cisco Catalysts is the load-balanced routing, which allows for routing of traffic based on the demand and size of the incoming network. This will ensure that you receive maximum throughput and minimal traffic.

The other advantage of Cisco Catalyst switches is their ability to use a variety of third party firewalls, and this will provide security to your network, reducing the potential for attacks from external networks. There are other features available which include firewall, VPN, virtual private LAN, and virtual IP addressing. For small to medium enterprises (SMEs) this is one of the most effective systems, due to the wide range of features, and the ease with which you can customize your network for maximum efficiency and reliability.